Thursday, October 22, 2009

Kayleeny Houdini

For Olivia's 4th birthday I wanted to do something fun! Something she had never experienced before so I asked my sister if she could pull together a few magic tricks and have a little show, little did I know my sister is...................... Kayleeny Houdini!!! yes complete with her own fog to appear. It was so fun we had the kids count to three and shout Abra Cadabra and POOF she appeared the kids were in serous awe!

It was so fun to see the look of amazement as things disappeared and reappeared. Switched places, magically she even had her wand float. I was even in awe.
My sister is awesome check out her sweet costume
Safe to say I think it was a big hit!!

Thank you Kayleen for being such a AWESOME sister and doing this for Livvy she absolutely LOVED it!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Out for a walk.

Olivia is not adjusting to this cold weather at all!
She loves to be outside and the last few days have been way to nasty to let her out plus it's quite the ordeal to get her to dress warm. So since tonight was not to bad we decided to head out for a walk.
Olivia took this :)
She was so cute with her little baby and stroller, everytime I would stop to check Teagan she would "check" her baby to and adjust the blanket. Such a good little "mommy"
This is in my neighbors yard Olivia liked it because it's like the one at Disneyland!

Sorry for the duplicate I had no idea how to delete it. But
dang aren't my kids cute :)