Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fun with Nature

So I have been trying really hard to do more crafts with Olivia she is a very busy person and when not directed can get into some serious trouble. So I have been trying to come up with some ideas to do with her that will take up some of the long hours of the day. So I found this really cool blog that has tons of ideas one of which was this leaf wreath. So Olivia and I and her easter basket headed out on a leaf hunt, I was not sure how this would go or if we would even find any leaves worth using since all the ones in our yard are now dried up and crumbly. But after walking about 3 blocks we were able to fill her basket with wreath worthy leaves next we picked some berries off one of our bushes and we were set. I found a sturdy paper plate cut the middle out and we started gluing only to find out Elmers did not work grrrr so we broke out the the big guns......... well gun. (how I do love my glue gun) after we glued as much on as Olivia wanted she added her berries picked out a bow and WALLLAAAHH just look and our masterpeice we had alot of fun doing this and it was nice to get out and go for a walk too. And now we have a nice wreath to go on the front door and Olivia is thrilled everytime she sees it out there. Today she was yelling at people walking/running by to come look at it. So if you happen to be passing my house and see a four year old yelling stuff at you chances are she wants you to come see her masterpeice.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Kayleeny Houdini

For Olivia's 4th birthday I wanted to do something fun! Something she had never experienced before so I asked my sister if she could pull together a few magic tricks and have a little show, little did I know my sister is...................... Kayleeny Houdini!!! yes complete with her own fog to appear. It was so fun we had the kids count to three and shout Abra Cadabra and POOF she appeared the kids were in serous awe!

It was so fun to see the look of amazement as things disappeared and reappeared. Switched places, magically she even had her wand float. I was even in awe.
My sister is awesome check out her sweet costume
Safe to say I think it was a big hit!!

Thank you Kayleen for being such a AWESOME sister and doing this for Livvy she absolutely LOVED it!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Out for a walk.

Olivia is not adjusting to this cold weather at all!
She loves to be outside and the last few days have been way to nasty to let her out plus it's quite the ordeal to get her to dress warm. So since tonight was not to bad we decided to head out for a walk.
Olivia took this :)
She was so cute with her little baby and stroller, everytime I would stop to check Teagan she would "check" her baby to and adjust the blanket. Such a good little "mommy"
This is in my neighbors yard Olivia liked it because it's like the one at Disneyland!

Sorry for the duplicate I had no idea how to delete it. But
dang aren't my kids cute :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Growing SO fast!!

Well I really should not be that surprised, but Teagan is now standing on his own. I knew this would come eventually just one more step closer to walking. I must admit I usually make him sit back down I am not quite ready to have him walking. He gets in enough trouble crawling around which he started at about 6 months. He never was a baby to just sit in one spot and play contently. He is such a cute little stinker though LOL
Then there is my sweet little Olivia,
After months of begging to go to school, the day finally arrived, Olivia went to preschool. I cannot believe she is old enough to go. Where has the time gone. Anyway enough of my sentimental mommy feelings (I really could go on and on) Olivia LOVES preschool and her teacher. She does not quite understand why she cannot go every day so we finally had to get a calendar so she can cross off days and know which days are preschool. She is making new friends and was so excited to see that her friend Paige who had moved from our ward is in her class and as of right now as Olivia puts it "My very best friend" kids are soo cute!!
So life goes on my kids are growing up which makes life a little more crazy and hectic!
Oh ya and did I mention Teagans hair is going curly.....SO EXCITED!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fish Anyone?

The other day we were out at my moms, she was preparing some fish my dad had caught. Olivia was watching and I could tell she was in deep thought.

Olivia: Grandma what are you doing?
My mom: Making fish for dinner, I am putting seasoning on so it will taste good when we eat it
Olivia:(long pause)Childs of God don't eat fish

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Why can't I stay up on my blog?

LAME!! I set up a blog mostly because I really hate writing in journals I am awful at it, typing is so much easier. So I wanted to keep a record of my life and all the funny and crazy things my kids do and yet I have missed so much the last couple of months things I swore I would never forget and saddly I did :( So here goes fresh start, and trying to remember some stuff.
Teagan is now 7 1/2 months and is extremely mobile, what am I saying that kid has been getting himself around a room since 4 months he would literally roll himself to get to things then that merged into the inch worm butt up then down it was sooo funny to watch then came the army crawl then he figured out how to sit up and by 6 months he was crawling and pulling himself up to furniture and FALLING!! Poor kid always had a bruise somewhere because once he was up he had no idea how to get down. He has now mastered the sitting straight down part but now Teagan is starting to test out the "letting go see how long I last standing" so I guess we have a few more bruises down the road. I just can't believe that he is almost 8 months he is just so grown up. He is also the sweetest little guy and he abslolutly adores Olivia he just follows her all around the house. If he can't find her he sits on his bottom and whines until she reappears and then all is well and he crawls after her it is so cute. The other day she was sitting in her litttle rocking chair and he crawled over and stood by her and then I hear Olivia say "No Teagan I am not your binki" I looked over and he was sucking on her arm laughing it was so funny she would push him off and he would laugh and start doing it again this continued with him finding this hilarious and Olivia not so amused until I saved her and distracted him with toys. I love that he is starting to get playful he now knows the little games we play and will try and start them. The other night I was staying at my Grandma's it was like one in the morning and Teagan was not tired I was exhausted. I was sleeping on a air mattress and had Teagan a little bed made up on the floor next to me. Well we play this game where I put his binki in my mouth backwards and then he will try and get it (I am sure all you moms are familair with this game) anyway on this particular night Teagan decided he wanted to play so he kept crawling on me laughing trying to put his binki in my mouth. The more I resisted and tried not to laugh the funnier he thought it was. I ended up laughing which did not help my cause to get him to sleep but he is so stinkin cute it was worth the hour or so of missed sleep.
Now Olivia my sweet little princess who is going through her "I am the princess do what I say or I will have you beheaded" phase will be turning 4 in just over a month. I can't believe it's been that long since I held her in my arms for the 1st time so tiny and helpless and now she hardly needs me for anything. She is very independant but also very loving and she does still need her daily dose of kisses and hugs which I am grateful for. She is such a good big sister she loves Teagan and wants him everywhere she is. If he is not keeping up fast enough she scoops him up and drags him where she wants him which is usually a fort she has made. She is so creative she constantly has me laughing at the random stories she makes up and the things she says. The other day she was "reading" one of her Olivia the pig books and she looks up at me, furrows her brow and very seriously points at the little boy pig and says "Mom is that my brother when I was a pig" awww the things that go through those little brains I love it. She is always saying the funniest things and I am always so sure I will never forget but I do and I did and I am so sad about it. So I really need to get my butt back in blogging gear and write all that down. *sigh* I just love my little stinkers.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Teagan is 4 months!!!!!

I am the worst blogger EVER!!!

Well Teagan is now 4 months and is so grown up he laughs all the time and is sooooo happy!! I know Olivia was a pretty good baby but I think Teagan takes the cake he never fusses unless he needs something. He has started on cereal and LOVES it, he is so cute when he sees it coming he opens his mouth like a little bird and coos. Heres some random pics I took this month, and a video I took, Olivia is always in Teagans face and I guess Teagan had enough because when she started growling at him he started yelling back it was so funny I only caught the last couple of seconds because I could not find my camera in time but those two went at it at least 3 minutes straight ENJOY!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ghetto Circus

So let me just start by saying we did NOT pay for these tickets.
Adam comes home from work one day and has tickets to the Gatti Circus which was coming to Logan. We thought it would be fun to take Olivia and invite some friends. So we got some more free tickets (courtesy of Papa Johns) and invited our friends Derek, Amanda and their little girl London who is Olivia'a age. So we head to the fairgrounds where it was located and see no sign of a circus (I was looking for a circus tent or something) but we did notice like 5 cars in the small parking lot by the animal shed (you know the big one that holds the cows at fair time) As we are waiting to hand over our tickets we overhear the actual price of this thing, $20 per adult $7 per child so the lady in front of us payed $25 dollars (lucky her she had a $2 off coupon) GEEZ. We walk in and are greeted by the smell of secondhand smoke and cow crap and the creepiest carnies EVER!! Well no need to worry about finding good seats there was pretty much no one there, we got front row, center seats. So this carnie comes over and tries to sell us snowcones then proceeds to tell is about the "special" snowcones he could bring us later (UHHHH ok I think this guy is on something) Then the guy selling popcorn comes over and I wanted a pic for my blog so I said "smile" and HOLYCRAP he only had one tooth top center I tried really hard not to laugh WOW! It was extremely ghetto and every person working there had like 6 different jobs. The Ringmaster sang the National Anthem and then sang"Come fly away" while some girls swung on ropes. About every ten minutes the Ringmaster would put a plug in for some treat or item to buy and then all the kids would start bugging their parents to buy them something. Then came the AWESOME part, at halftime Olivia and I rode a elephant yes I rode an elephant cost me $16 but who knows when I would get the chance again. Even though it was ghetto we had a good time and Olivia loved it and it was free! So for those of you who missed out on this awesome expierance, (which is all of you because trust me I would have seen you there) here are a few pics

Friday, January 30, 2009

Teagan Rex

Teagan was born January 15 at 8:14 PM weighing in at 6lbs 14oz 19 inches. I had the most amazing labor and deliver never feeling any pain at all it was AWESOME!!!
I went in hoping to be started as you know, only to have my hopes dashed by my Dr. telling me delivery was swamped that day and that he could not start me but that he would strip my membranes and maybe that would move things along. Well apparently when he "checked" me he discovered I was already in labor and dilated to a 5 and I needed to go right up. SWEET!!!
So up I went got settled in my room (still no contractions) Adam and I just kinda hung out until they broke my water at 5:30, I insisted on getting my epidural then before I started to feel things and at 8 we went into delivery mode and 14 minutes later we had Teagan! We love having him even though I will admit it is really hard juggling two kids (so kudos to all those who do it with two or more). Olivia is such a good big sister loves to "help" and just mauls him.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jumping for Joy!!

Just a quick note to say I am one day away from holding my baby! (If all goes well) Yes it's true if everything goes as planned I get induced tomorrow, I am so excited. I was hoping to come on my own but that does not seem to be happening and I refuse to keep waiting so thanks to my wonderful kind Dr. he has agreed to start me the 15th. So stay posted to see the new addition to our family very very soon!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Arghhhh No Baby Yet!!

Well so much for having the New Year baby! (I really could have used those free diapers for a year) I have totally convinced myself that this baby is coming early which has only led to frusteration and dissapointment. I really lucked out when I was pregnant with Olivia because she surprised us by coming almost 4 weeks early so there really was no waiting around counting down the days with her that was AWESOME!!! Well I am totally ready for this little guy and the waiting is killing me so now I have resorted to emptying all my cupboards cleaning them out and rearranging where everything goes. Yes I am bored! So hopefully this little guy won't make me wait to much longer, between the anticipation and the constant back, legs, tummy, and everywhere else pain I don't think I will survive much longer.