Monday, December 16, 2013

Hardware Ranch

Saturday we were invited to go to Hardware Ranch with our friends Chris and Lauren and her two girls. We have been trying to get together with them ever since they got married earlier this year. So we were excited we had nothing planned. So we bundled up and made the 20-30 min ride up Blacksmith fork canyon.

Chris, Lauren, Hannah and Sadie

Teagan warming his bum by the fire.

It was FREEZING but so much fun!!! We topped it off with pizza plus, SO YUMMY!! Thanks for the invite guys.

Saturday, December 14, 2013


So this is a year late but better late than never. October 2012 we went to Disneyland with Adams family. It was so much fun and we are already saving up to go back again.

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Teagans 1st day of preschool

I totally forgot to give Teagan a post about preschool. I am really failing this blog thing. Sorry Annie, I strive to be awesome like you....yaaaa not happening
 Teagan has been going to speech therapy for almost 2 years which he LOVES and thinks is school but he started real preschool the 1st week of September. The best part is that he gets to go with his very best friend  Sophie who just so happens to also be his cousin. LUCKY!! And to add a cherry on top of that their other cousin Presley also attends this preschool. (I am so glad my kids have cousins the same age to grow up with)

Teagan LOVES preschool and talks about everything they do for hours. His poor teacher, Teagan is a TALKER he is that child that takes 20 minutes to tell you the sky is blue. Just today when I told him he had school with teacher Jenny he said 
"But mom, I talk way to much without raising my hand, I always talk when its not my turn"
 Oh man, like I said I feel for his teacher we need to work on that. I just find him so irresistibly adorable. He always has something funny to say I just love him to pieces.

Olivia's baptism

Olivia was baptized and confirmed by Adam October 26th. We had so many friends and family come and show their love and support we are so blessed. I cannot believe we have reached this milestone but are so proud of Olivia for choosing to take this step.

Happy birthday Adam!!

Have to give a shout out to my sexy husband, my superman. TODAY he turned 32. So, happy birthday old man, you stole my heart when you stole the sleeves off my coat 13 years ago and I am so glad you did. Love you!!!

When did she she get so big?

Well my baby girl, my firstborn turned 8 on the 16th. 8!! I cannot believe it, I remember turning 8 and thinking I was soooo grown up. I am not going to lie this month has been a emotional roller coaster for me as I tried to wrap my head around the fact that my baby is no longer a baby, she picks out her own outfits does her own hair (no matter how much I beg her to let me) calls and talks to her friends on the phone (that is so weird to me) doesn't need my help with homework anymore in fact she doesn't really need my help with much at all. I am having a hard time letting go of that control haha
Olivia is so smart and excels at whatever she puts her mind to she has started piano and has picked up on it very quickly and loves it!! Thank goodness. She also loves to play soccer and can be quite competitive (big surprise wonder where she gets that) she also continues to dance and is advancing in skill. We love watching her spread her wings and grow
We love her so much she brings so much joy to our family. Happy birthday Olivia, we love you to the moon and back!!!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Micah turns 2

From this...........

to this in 2 years

Last week May 16th Micah turned 2. He LOVES Yo Gabba Gabba so it was a no brainer to go with that as a theme.I had all these great ideas and fun things planned. So the day before his birthday I went out and bought what I needed and then I hit a wall. The dreaded mental wall. I did not want to do a dang thing, I would start making Brobee horns for everyone then lose interest, it was so weird. So I decided to simplify, who says I had to have a big party anyway? So I text all the family and told them there would be no formal party. Adam and I and the kids would be roasting hotdogs and making smores in the backyard, they were welcome to stop by if they wanted and have a smore. Easy peasy, stick a candle in a smore and call it good. So his birthday came and I spent the day playing with my little guys and just relaxing. Then about 3:00, I started feeling guilty.  I decided he needed a cake. Why? Because I am weird like that. So I made a chocolate cake and then 2 hours later this emerged from the kitchen. I have to admit for not being planned and made totally last minute, I am pretty darn proud of myself and Micah absolutely loved it!

Everyone ended up choosing to stop by around the same time so it turned into a party anyway but we had a good time. I'll tell you what having a party outside is the BEST!!

Micah's first smore

Happy birthday little man we love you so much!!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Olivia's Dance Recital

Saturday the 18th Olivia had her dance review. This girl has moves and can shake her hips and butt like nobody else (yet another thing she does NOT get from me. lol) We are so proud so proud of her.

Olivia really felt the love today from all who came. My parents, Great Grandma Brown, Kayleen, Tyler, Celestial and Carston, Grandpa Dennis and Grandma Janice, Aunt Belinda and Ari. We also lucked out because her cousins Sophie and Presley were in the same recital so we got to have Britt and Randy, Lori and John, Mikeala and Meghan, Zach and Erika.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Brotherly love.

 These two can play so nice and then within seconds they are at each others throats. I know they will outgrow it someday.... So I was thrilled to happen to have the camera available to catch these moments. They thought they were hilarious (try and look past Micah's messy face)

My absolute favorite

Monday, May 20, 2013

Soccer 2013

Well I am back, for now. I have a REALLY hard time getting myself to sit down and blog.
I feel like my life is getting busier and busier I am literally becoming a "soccer mom"

Olivia played soccer last season but was not really that into it. It was more of a free for all, no structure, no goalie or other positions assigned and of course that one Hispanic kid who you know his family lives for the game so he was AMAZING. So naturally the coach was like sure hog the ball all 4 QUARTERS!
( Just so you don't think I am totally a beast, most of the moms on the team were as frustrated as me).
So hoping this year would be better I talked Olivia into trying it out one more year.

Well this was the year, an all girl team that had actual practices with drills and everything. Olivia soaked it in. She LOVED it! See Olivia is very much into structure and rules so when they apply she excels.
She is quite the little hustler and when she played forward she gave it her all chasing the ball back and forth until she was ready to drop. However her favorite positions were defender, when asked why her response, I get to rest when the ball is on the other side of the field. Haha (All Adam and I could do to hold a straight face)
And goalie she never gave a straight answer but I am almost positive it had to do with resting and she loves to dive to stop the ball.

Olivia is always amazing me at how well she picks up on things and seems to be good at whatever she does. She must take after Adam because this mama was never a athlete I was always the awkward string bean just trying to survive.

That's Olivia kicking the ball

Throwing in ball as goalie

That's Olivia in the center

Throwing in ball as goalie

Waiting for the ball playing goalie

Olivia and her team 2013

I am so proud of my beautiful little monkey and am loving watching her grow and develop her talents.