Thursday, December 1, 2011

Eveyone needs a laugh

My sister 1st introduced me to these videos they are so funny.
This one is my favorite right now. Check it out!
WARNING!!! YOU WILL LAUGH! Kids are so awesome.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

4 months

My little man is 4 months. I can't believe how grown up he is already. He is so strong, he loves to sit up and is most happy in his bumbo or his little car.
stats: 13 pounds 27 percentile and 25 inches a 52 percentile so he is right on in length but kinda small in pounds.
Micah can roll from back to tummy and tummy to back I have a feeling he may be taking after his big brother and will be scooting around soon.
Sleeps 8-9 hours a night but demands to eat every 3 during the day.
Micah is seriously the happiest baby ever and really doesn't cry unless he needs something or Teagan is "loving" him a little to much. He gives the best smiles to anyone that looks his way and has mastered the cutest little giggle.
He brings the sweetest spirit to our home and we are so blessed to have our little man.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sept 10th My little Apple Darling

Olivia was a Apple Darling and got to ride on the River Heights float. She was in absolute heaven and felt like a true princess. She was so funny during the parade waving and blowing kisses to everyone, lol she is such a ham.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

That dang lump in my throat!!

Today Olivia started kindergarten. For weeks people have been asking if I thought I would cry. I immediately responded "HECK NO"!! Olivia was ready for kindergarten a year ago, we were beyond excited and ready. September 1st could not come fast enough for Olivia and me. Not because I wanted to get rid of her but because I knew she would love it.
Well this morning I got the knot in my stomach and a familiar lump in my throat, was I seriously about to cry? I had not even dropped her off yet. Oh crap I was doomed. I pushed it aside and continued to get Olivia ready. Then I took the picture above and about lost it again! She looked so grown up, in a flash the last 5 years flew through my head. When did my baby girl grow up into such a beautiful little lady? I tried to convince her to change her outfit into something..... I don't know more little girlish. No way!! She would not have it. So for the next few minutes I sat and watched her look in the mirror as she smoothed her skirt, adjusted her headband and smiled at her self. (she is very girly and going through a vain stage)
Then a quick picture of the 2 of us and it was off to school. She forced Teagan in a pic, he wasn't to thrilled hahaha

Outside her classroom, here I could see her getting a little nervous. And I was fighting like crazy to hold back that stupid lump in my throat that I knew would bring on the waterworks.
I quickly herded her into her classroom, her teacher was quick to give her a hug and welcome her. So I gave her a kiss told her I loved her and to have fun and got the heck out of there hoping I would not run into anyone I knew because I knew if I spoke the tears would flow. I managed to make it home without any tears. But I get close, even now thinking about how grown up she had gotten makes me want to bawl blah LAME!!! So now I realize moms don't cry because there kid is going to school they cry because there baby is all grown up DUH!! But I am so excited for her, she came home bursting with excitement telling me every detail. and as you can see Micah is really happy for her too.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Micah McKay

Well the weeks and weeks of bedrest and painful contractions were well worth it when I held Micah for the 1st time.
Monday May 16th I went into my Dr's appointment hoping and praying that I would be dilated enough to be sent up to L&D. I was scheduled to be started Wednesday the 18th (my 39 week mark) but I really was hoping to have things start on there own. He checked me to find I was still a 3 but said my cervix was very flexible (ok whatever that means) and he would not be surprised if he saw me later that night he then stripped my membranes again made sure I was on the schedule for that Wednesday gave me the info I needed and sent me on my way. I was kinda bummed as I walked out to my car but by the time I got home I was grateful I had 2 days to finish getting ready for baby and make the necessary arrangments for Olivia and Teagan.
About 3:00 I started to notice my contractions were becoming more frequent but I ignored them, I had been contracting for weeks so this was not new to me.
At 4:00 I started timing them, about 5 minutes apart. By 5:00 contractions were coming 3-4 minutes apart. I called Adam at 5:30 to see when he would be home, said I think I may be in labor. At this point I think I was still in denial so I didn't make him rush home. I got off the phone with him and called my mom halfway through my conversation with her things got kicked up a notch and really started to hurt so I of course start crying . Thats all my mom needed, she told me to pack up the kids she was on her way to get them. So I start packing the kids stopping every 3-4 minutes to work through a contraction trying so hard to not let Olivia see me cry.
At 6:30 Adam got home right as my parents showed up and took the kids. Adam asked if I wanted to head up to the hospital but I was still partly in denial so I said no I wanted to wait. I did call L&D to ask them what I should do. They said it could be false labor because I had been stripped that day but I was welcome to come up, if I hadn't progressed in 1hour they would send me home. I did NOT want to go up just to get sent home so I waited and waited finally about 8:30 I could not handle it any longer so we headed up. I do not handle pain well and cannot believe I lasted as long as I did. So we got settled in, my nurse checked me I was relieved to hear I was at a 6 I was not going home YAY!! Now I just needed my epidural and I was good to go. I ended up having to wait almost an hour. I felt bad because I was so grouchy everytime I had a contraction my sister was there and we would all be laughing at something or another then BAM contraction and I would be telling her and Adam to shut up and stop making me laugh.(I don't think they were offended I think they thought it was funny) I finally got my epidural and I was in heaven. We spend the next couple of hours laughing and cracking jokes about delivery and other random things I had the BEST nurse EVER she loved us we were all having good time.
My sister had to bail to go home and feed her baby about 10:30. At 11:00 I was checked and was at a 8 I assumed baby would most likely come in the next hour or 2 and told my sister. At 11:29 my sis text me and wanted to come back for the delivery I had just been checked and was a 10 and ready for delivery I text her back and said she better hurry my Dr had just arrived and I was gearing up for delivery. 11:32 just as I was about to push she text and said "wait for me" I read it out loud to Adam my Dr, heard and asked if we needed to wait for someone? I knew she would be there soon so I said no lets do this. So we started pushing, 6 minutes later at 11:38 Micah was born. So my sis missed the delivery, it totally cracks me up she missed it by a minute I had just started pushing when she knocked on the door so she waited in the hall until he was born then she came in. He was my fastest delivery, although all mine are pretty quick I am very lucky when it comes to that.
Now Micah is 3 weeks old and such a sweetheart. He is the best baby ever and we just love having him in our family.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Adam graduated on Saturday May 7th 2011. I am so proud of him. My camera was being dumb that day (of course) but thankfully I was able to get some pics. I need to hit up all the family and see what they were able to capture in theres.

Longest 5 weeks EVER!!

Warning: Really long boring post, mostly for me. Also really bad punctuation and no paragraphs but I don't care

Its definitely been a interesting last couple of weeks. After being on mild bed rest for 2 weeks from 33to 35weeks. The contractions got so bad I called in to get a last minute appointment with my Dr. to see whats up. After being checked, finding I was at a 3 & 60% effaced, and a bunch of tears (yes I was crying it hurt that bad) Dr. Horsley decided I was indeed in labor and sent me up to L&D where I was hooked up to the monitors, given one shot to try and stop labor and another shot of steroids for the baby right in the BUTT. That shot was the WORST and will forever be known as the "shot of fire" seriously it was like a wildfire let loose in my butt cheek constantly spreading it was AWFUL!!! Anyway after 6 hours of hanging out there I was finally released with the instructions to be on strict bed rest which basically allows you to get up to go to the bathroom THATS IT for 2 weeks!!. I honestly didn't think I would survive. I got SO BORED, you can only watch so much t.v. and my eyes have been kinda weird this pregnancy so I could not sit and read for long. My family and friends were awesome and took the kids a lot. Adam really stepped up and took over keeping the house clean along with dinners, baths and bedtime all while doing homework finishing last minute projects and studying for finals. Yes I know my hubby is awesome! Anyway the contractions never really stopped just subsided so it made for 2 very long weeks. I finally reached 37 weeks and my Dr. gave me the wonderful news, no more bedrest YAY I was thrilled and was already planning the long walk I was going to go on, until I realized it was Graduation week and there was no way I was missing Adams graduation. So I basically kept myself down for the rest of the week, fighting the urge to give in to the contractions and go walking. Saturday finally came and with it all the festivities of Graduation. I was so proud of Adam and just could not believe that we were finally at that point in our lives YAY NO MORE SCHOOL (well for now we do have masters lurking in the future) but for now NO MORE SCHOOL. And now I was free to have the baby. I was sure it would come within the next few days, I mean come on for the last 4 weeks I had been doing everything to keep him from coming and was suffering from some pretty intense contractions . So now I had been given the green light. Monday I went in and had my membranes stripped so now I am positive he is coming that night. Well he didn't but the contractions did 5-6 minutes apart ALL NIGHT LONG!! Needless to say no sleep for me I just waited and waited convinced they would get closer any minute so I could go in. Well the sun came up and the contractions STOPPED until later that afternoon they came back full force and all over the place. Well now its Wednesday I am 38 weeks today, still no baby but the contractions have been my constant companion popping in at random times, they seem to get the hardest at night which is so weird not sure why. So I am just waiting, its so weird, all this time I have been trying to just keep him cooking a little longer and now when its ok for him to come he won't budge. I wonder if this is a glimpse of his personality. Oh well if he has not come by the 16th my Dr. will start me so either way I will be holding my sweet baby in 1 week I am so excited.

Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools!!

Best April Fools ever!! Let me just say I have NEVER and I mean NEVER pulled a April fools joke before. I have always wanted to but either could never think of something worthy of doing or would just plain out forget what day it was until it was too late. Well today was different, I sent a text out to some family and friends something like this.

Surprise!! Look who decided to make a appearance.
Baby arrived @ 3:44am this morning 5lbs 19inches
Mom and baby are doing great!!

Mean? Yes. Completely hilarious and totally worth the chewing out I got DEFINITELY!!!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

31 weeks

This pic does not do justice to how huge I feel. I am so ready to meet this little guy I can hardly stand it.

I think he is getting pretty anxious too, I went to the Dr. last week and had a ultrasound and discovered that baby is measuring 9 DAYS bigger so if I went to term I could have a 9 POUNDER are you freaking kidding me?!! Well after that awesome news (sense my sarcasm) I met with the doctor, unfortunately Dr. Horsley was in surgeries so I met with another Doctor who said the option of changing my due date would need to be discussed with Horsley (fine whatever) anyway I told her about the AWFUL braxton hicks I have been having and I mean AWFUL they are more than uncomfortable I can deal with that. She did an exam and found out that I have started dilating its not much but I am (or was) 30% effaced and a 1+ nothing to get freaked out about but something to keep an eye on. Because of my history with Teagan of going in to a appointment with NO contractions whatsoever and discovering that I was dilated to a 5 100% effaced and in active labor, I am kinda concerned. Well I am still having the intense braxton hicks so I am kinda wondering whats up with the cervix now almost 2 weeks later. I meet with the Dr, next thursday so hopefully I can survive that long.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


You don't think much of it until it happens to your little girl. Then your like WOW my baby is growing up. Olivia lost her 1st tooth and is about to lose another right next to it. Somewhere along the last 5 years my baby girl grew up and is now losing teeth, learning to ride a bike without training wheels, making her own sandwiches and so many other things that excite me and make me so proud of the sweet little girl she is growing up to me. But then there is the part of my heart that misses that little butterball baby.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Future Moviestar

Its a very small part but your looking at a future moviestar.
(pay attention to the little girl towards the end its Olivia)