Friday, December 26, 2008

What a Month!!

This month has been so fun and yet so stressful all rolled into one. I started babysitting my cousins baby who is now about 8 weeks old the beginning of the month to help her out and score some extra Christmas cash. It's been like a practice run for when we have our baby which could be anyday now AHHHH I am sort of nervous Olivia just mauls the baby, the other day I had the baby in her swing and left the room for seriously one minute I come back and Olivia had that thing flying thankfully Gwen was strapped in. Also this month Olivia was an angel in a little childrens choir at the Tabernacle she was so cute, she stayed put pretty good until they started singing songs she did not know then she bailed and started running around then I pretended she wasn't mine (kidding) luckily my mom was up there just in case this happened and got her out of there.

So I am sure some people are hating all this snow but we are loving it! The first big snowfall we had this month Olivia came running into my room so excited it had snowed, "Now we can open presents" somehow she had associated snow with presents it was so funny!
My little Rudolph
Olivia has also discovered how to make snowangels, she has loved all the snow it's so nice to finally be able to just bundle her up and send her out to play while Adam is shoveling and I can stay inside. (which is nice since I can't fit into my snowpants) I did go out with her long enough to make a short little snowman Olivia named Harry. Harry is now buried up to his eyes with all the snow we got in that awesome storm last night. For me it was a perfect way to end Christmas.

We had a really nice Christmas Olivia got spoiled a little more that I would have liked but over all it was really nice. So Adam and I decided we would get her one main gift then a few little things (I mean come on she is 3 how much does she really need)so we got her a childs digital camera so she would leave ours alone and she has loved it. She takes some pretty interesting abstract pics, she would rather take a pic of your shoe than your face it's so funny. So last night Adam's Grandma gives Olivia her present and what is it? Oh.... a childrens V-tech laptop yah so my daughter who is 3 is toting around a digital camera and a laptop, Olivia even says laptop it's "where is my Laptop mom?" not where is my computer it's where is my laptop. I am thinking where is my baby and who is this little grownup.
Olivia'a Camera
I could not believe how much snow we got last night I love it!! Of course I don't have to shovel it so that might help in the enjoying part I felt bad for Adam . So this morning I bundled Olivia up and sent her out it was so funny to watch her try and walk in snow up to her waist as she tried to find "Harry"

Our awesome van look how deep that snow is
So now Christmas is over and I wish I could say the stress, but now I need to get all the Christmas stuff put away and make sure I am ready for our little boy who could be making his appearance anytime now. Hopefully he will be my next blog so stay posted.......

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Our day at the River Walk

Last Sunday was so gorgous that we decided to drive over to the River Walk and get some fresh air. We ditched the trail pretty quick and started to follow a log we had dislodged from some debry, it was lots of fun especially when the log got stuck across the river and Adam picked up a VERY long branch and was trying to manuever it to reach across and free the log I was sure he would fall in. (see pic below) Olivia also discovered some tree's that had been the victims of some beavers, of course everything with her is "WHY" so we had to patiently explain why the beavers would chew on the trees many times over. Finally content with our answers she picked up some of the gnawed wood with teeth marks and put it in her pocket. We wandered around checking out different things and skipping rocks until we smelled a skunk getting stronger then we bailed. It was so fun to get out and enjoy the nice weather with my family.

Adam with his branch Checking out what the beaver had left Olivia with her momento of the tree Olivia with her stick Skipping Rocks
Overall Olivia gave the day a thumbs up!