Friday, January 29, 2010

Aggie Pride

Tonight we took Olivia to see the Aggie Gymnastic team. Here are some pics of the highlights of the night.
On our way up the elevater (spelling) we met Big Blue
snagged some more pics with him

Teagan was basically wondering where he was the whole timeWhoops put it twice
We made it on the Jumbo tron YAY!

Olivia insisted she get her poster signed so we stood in a ridiculous long line

She was beyond excited to talk to the girls she kept saying "you did such a good job"
"I am going to do flips when I am big" and finally "your awesome"We had such a fun time. Olivia kept saying "this was the best day ever" *sigh* "what a nice day"
Haha she's awesome!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

My baby turns1!

Teagan turned one yesterday. I can't believe its been one year since he joined our little family. Teagan has been such a blessing to us he has the sweetest little spirit and a very busy personality. He has kept us hopping since he discovered movement @ 2-3 months by rolling everywhere then crawling at 6 months and WALKING @ 9. I have loved every second with him, and look forward to watching him grow and develop more and more. Happy Birthday Teagan!! I love my little guy!
Here is my attempt @ making a him a dinosaur cake
with a dino egg.( yes thats supposed to be a egg).

I didn't get to many pics, we mostly videoed

Just getting started!!


All done, so yummy!