Monday, October 28, 2013

Teagans 1st day of preschool

I totally forgot to give Teagan a post about preschool. I am really failing this blog thing. Sorry Annie, I strive to be awesome like you....yaaaa not happening
 Teagan has been going to speech therapy for almost 2 years which he LOVES and thinks is school but he started real preschool the 1st week of September. The best part is that he gets to go with his very best friend  Sophie who just so happens to also be his cousin. LUCKY!! And to add a cherry on top of that their other cousin Presley also attends this preschool. (I am so glad my kids have cousins the same age to grow up with)

Teagan LOVES preschool and talks about everything they do for hours. His poor teacher, Teagan is a TALKER he is that child that takes 20 minutes to tell you the sky is blue. Just today when I told him he had school with teacher Jenny he said 
"But mom, I talk way to much without raising my hand, I always talk when its not my turn"
 Oh man, like I said I feel for his teacher we need to work on that. I just find him so irresistibly adorable. He always has something funny to say I just love him to pieces.

Olivia's baptism

Olivia was baptized and confirmed by Adam October 26th. We had so many friends and family come and show their love and support we are so blessed. I cannot believe we have reached this milestone but are so proud of Olivia for choosing to take this step.

Happy birthday Adam!!

Have to give a shout out to my sexy husband, my superman. TODAY he turned 32. So, happy birthday old man, you stole my heart when you stole the sleeves off my coat 13 years ago and I am so glad you did. Love you!!!

When did she she get so big?

Well my baby girl, my firstborn turned 8 on the 16th. 8!! I cannot believe it, I remember turning 8 and thinking I was soooo grown up. I am not going to lie this month has been a emotional roller coaster for me as I tried to wrap my head around the fact that my baby is no longer a baby, she picks out her own outfits does her own hair (no matter how much I beg her to let me) calls and talks to her friends on the phone (that is so weird to me) doesn't need my help with homework anymore in fact she doesn't really need my help with much at all. I am having a hard time letting go of that control haha
Olivia is so smart and excels at whatever she puts her mind to she has started piano and has picked up on it very quickly and loves it!! Thank goodness. She also loves to play soccer and can be quite competitive (big surprise wonder where she gets that) she also continues to dance and is advancing in skill. We love watching her spread her wings and grow
We love her so much she brings so much joy to our family. Happy birthday Olivia, we love you to the moon and back!!!