Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Our day at the River Walk

Last Sunday was so gorgous that we decided to drive over to the River Walk and get some fresh air. We ditched the trail pretty quick and started to follow a log we had dislodged from some debry, it was lots of fun especially when the log got stuck across the river and Adam picked up a VERY long branch and was trying to manuever it to reach across and free the log I was sure he would fall in. (see pic below) Olivia also discovered some tree's that had been the victims of some beavers, of course everything with her is "WHY" so we had to patiently explain why the beavers would chew on the trees many times over. Finally content with our answers she picked up some of the gnawed wood with teeth marks and put it in her pocket. We wandered around checking out different things and skipping rocks until we smelled a skunk getting stronger then we bailed. It was so fun to get out and enjoy the nice weather with my family.

Adam with his branch Checking out what the beaver had left Olivia with her momento of the tree Olivia with her stick Skipping Rocks
Overall Olivia gave the day a thumbs up!


  1. Hey Browns! It's good to see you've joined the blogging world. Email me at jdtwitchell@gmail.com and I'll send you a link to our blog.

  2. Melissa! Yeah! You are a blogging momma now! I am going to make my blog private soon so visit my blog at knowleslot.blogspot.com and leave your e-mail address in the comments section so you can still see my blog! We are having a girls night this friday the 5th. Do you want to come?

  3. Woohoo! Keep posting. We want updates. Hey, we'll be seeing you guys soon! Brett will be there Thursday!

  4. Hola Melissa! I love the post and especially the picture of Adam and Olivia on the train tracks! How are these last few weeks being prego going?