Saturday, January 16, 2010

My baby turns1!

Teagan turned one yesterday. I can't believe its been one year since he joined our little family. Teagan has been such a blessing to us he has the sweetest little spirit and a very busy personality. He has kept us hopping since he discovered movement @ 2-3 months by rolling everywhere then crawling at 6 months and WALKING @ 9. I have loved every second with him, and look forward to watching him grow and develop more and more. Happy Birthday Teagan!! I love my little guy!
Here is my attempt @ making a him a dinosaur cake
with a dino egg.( yes thats supposed to be a egg).

I didn't get to many pics, we mostly videoed

Just getting started!!


All done, so yummy!


  1. He is such a handsome little stud! I love the dino cake! You did a great job. Nice egg. ha ha! Really, I'm amazed at your cake skills! I like that you did the egg for him to eat. bravo to you!

  2. Talk about hitting your domestic :) That cake was awesome!! Way to go Melissa! And I really love the hair cut. You look so sophisticated!

  3. How adorable! You're an awesome mom :)


  4. That cake should win an award or something. He is darling (the baby).