Friday, April 9, 2010

Food Storage

So I really really wish I could say this is what my food storage stash looks like. But sadly I must say it really looks more like..........

........ this.
Ok maybe not THAT bad but really if a major disaster occured I would not be a very happy camper. Don't get me wrong we have "food" but we rotate through the good stuff so fast all I am really left with in large quantity is chilli and green beans and our 1 year food supply boxes from the cannery and honestly when it comes down to it I wonder how the food in those mystery cans is really going to taste. Maybe I will be pleasantly surprised, or maybe not.
Anyway there is a reason for my rambling, the other day as I was mulling over my concern for my lack of food storage.
My sister called and invited me to a "food party" at her house she's like "Its like a Mary Kay party but they sell food" Ugh I shuddered at the thought I DESPISE Mary Kay parties. But I am supportive and awesome so I went. Upon arrival I loaded up a plate with food and plopped in a chair ready to endure the next hour.
Freeze dried food was the subject of the night and when she told us that the chicken salad I was chowing down on was made from there freeze dried chicken, onions and celeryand the juicy bluberries in the muffins were too I was sold. I know freeze dried meat sounds weird but it was so good, and it may lack some nutrients (maybe not sure) but when disaster strikes I know you will all be flocking to my house for my chicken and ham (also delicious) You just add water and BAM soft yummy bluberries, BAM, strawberries,mangos, oranges (ok that one was weird) and my favorite one BROWNIES mix!! Just add water because really unless you have a chicken, you willl not have any eggs. So anyway if you made it this far in my very long rant congratulations! I am super excited for this find and plan on stocking up on alot of there products especially the fruit. Of course I will continue buying and rotating my cans but I feel good now knowing I will have a little extra flare to add to my dreary emergency food :)

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  1. Its funny, the only thing you have is Mushroom gravy. So you guys can sip on gravy during the big Cache Blizzard/Earthquake or whatever it will be :) Don't worry. We don't even have that. We need to start too...