Friday, December 3, 2010

Its Official

I am pregnant and can no longer keep it a secret, its very obvious I have "popped" I guess thats what happens when your on baby #3 and your stomach muscles mock you with there lack to just hold it in a little longer. So here it is my prego belly at 15 weeks. I feel quite fat and awkward and am pretty dang miserable after 9 weeks of being sick Sick SICK I think I am seeing the end of it ( I hope, man I really hope) Still have my crap days but things are getting better.
Anyway baby number 3 is due May 25th and we are very excited (and scared to death) Olivia cannot stop talking about her new sister even though we continue to try and prep her that it may be a boy. So now she has resorted to begging for a sister in her prayers. But of course we will ALL love what we get.