Friday, March 25, 2011

31 weeks

This pic does not do justice to how huge I feel. I am so ready to meet this little guy I can hardly stand it.

I think he is getting pretty anxious too, I went to the Dr. last week and had a ultrasound and discovered that baby is measuring 9 DAYS bigger so if I went to term I could have a 9 POUNDER are you freaking kidding me?!! Well after that awesome news (sense my sarcasm) I met with the doctor, unfortunately Dr. Horsley was in surgeries so I met with another Doctor who said the option of changing my due date would need to be discussed with Horsley (fine whatever) anyway I told her about the AWFUL braxton hicks I have been having and I mean AWFUL they are more than uncomfortable I can deal with that. She did an exam and found out that I have started dilating its not much but I am (or was) 30% effaced and a 1+ nothing to get freaked out about but something to keep an eye on. Because of my history with Teagan of going in to a appointment with NO contractions whatsoever and discovering that I was dilated to a 5 100% effaced and in active labor, I am kinda concerned. Well I am still having the intense braxton hicks so I am kinda wondering whats up with the cervix now almost 2 weeks later. I meet with the Dr, next thursday so hopefully I can survive that long.


  1. UGH! You are the cutest pregnant woman! Seriously! Just belly. That's totally not fair. I think everyone should get fat everywhere... just like me... haha. I don't envy your discomfort, but yay for being so close! That's so exciting! Good luck dilating!

  2. Wow- you're 31 weeks already! Good luck surviving to the end- and hopefully you don't have a 9 lb baby!