Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Longest 5 weeks EVER!!

Warning: Really long boring post, mostly for me. Also really bad punctuation and no paragraphs but I don't care

Its definitely been a interesting last couple of weeks. After being on mild bed rest for 2 weeks from 33to 35weeks. The contractions got so bad I called in to get a last minute appointment with my Dr. to see whats up. After being checked, finding I was at a 3 & 60% effaced, and a bunch of tears (yes I was crying it hurt that bad) Dr. Horsley decided I was indeed in labor and sent me up to L&D where I was hooked up to the monitors, given one shot to try and stop labor and another shot of steroids for the baby right in the BUTT. That shot was the WORST and will forever be known as the "shot of fire" seriously it was like a wildfire let loose in my butt cheek constantly spreading it was AWFUL!!! Anyway after 6 hours of hanging out there I was finally released with the instructions to be on strict bed rest which basically allows you to get up to go to the bathroom THATS IT for 2 weeks!!. I honestly didn't think I would survive. I got SO BORED, you can only watch so much t.v. and my eyes have been kinda weird this pregnancy so I could not sit and read for long. My family and friends were awesome and took the kids a lot. Adam really stepped up and took over keeping the house clean along with dinners, baths and bedtime all while doing homework finishing last minute projects and studying for finals. Yes I know my hubby is awesome! Anyway the contractions never really stopped just subsided so it made for 2 very long weeks. I finally reached 37 weeks and my Dr. gave me the wonderful news, no more bedrest YAY I was thrilled and was already planning the long walk I was going to go on, until I realized it was Graduation week and there was no way I was missing Adams graduation. So I basically kept myself down for the rest of the week, fighting the urge to give in to the contractions and go walking. Saturday finally came and with it all the festivities of Graduation. I was so proud of Adam and just could not believe that we were finally at that point in our lives YAY NO MORE SCHOOL (well for now we do have masters lurking in the future) but for now NO MORE SCHOOL. And now I was free to have the baby. I was sure it would come within the next few days, I mean come on for the last 4 weeks I had been doing everything to keep him from coming and was suffering from some pretty intense contractions . So now I had been given the green light. Monday I went in and had my membranes stripped so now I am positive he is coming that night. Well he didn't but the contractions did 5-6 minutes apart ALL NIGHT LONG!! Needless to say no sleep for me I just waited and waited convinced they would get closer any minute so I could go in. Well the sun came up and the contractions STOPPED until later that afternoon they came back full force and all over the place. Well now its Wednesday I am 38 weeks today, still no baby but the contractions have been my constant companion popping in at random times, they seem to get the hardest at night which is so weird not sure why. So I am just waiting, its so weird, all this time I have been trying to just keep him cooking a little longer and now when its ok for him to come he won't budge. I wonder if this is a glimpse of his personality. Oh well if he has not come by the 16th my Dr. will start me so either way I will be holding my sweet baby in 1 week I am so excited.

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