Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ghetto Circus

So let me just start by saying we did NOT pay for these tickets.
Adam comes home from work one day and has tickets to the Gatti Circus which was coming to Logan. We thought it would be fun to take Olivia and invite some friends. So we got some more free tickets (courtesy of Papa Johns) and invited our friends Derek, Amanda and their little girl London who is Olivia'a age. So we head to the fairgrounds where it was located and see no sign of a circus (I was looking for a circus tent or something) but we did notice like 5 cars in the small parking lot by the animal shed (you know the big one that holds the cows at fair time) As we are waiting to hand over our tickets we overhear the actual price of this thing, $20 per adult $7 per child so the lady in front of us payed $25 dollars (lucky her she had a $2 off coupon) GEEZ. We walk in and are greeted by the smell of secondhand smoke and cow crap and the creepiest carnies EVER!! Well no need to worry about finding good seats there was pretty much no one there, we got front row, center seats. So this carnie comes over and tries to sell us snowcones then proceeds to tell is about the "special" snowcones he could bring us later (UHHHH ok I think this guy is on something) Then the guy selling popcorn comes over and I wanted a pic for my blog so I said "smile" and HOLYCRAP he only had one tooth top center I tried really hard not to laugh WOW! It was extremely ghetto and every person working there had like 6 different jobs. The Ringmaster sang the National Anthem and then sang"Come fly away" while some girls swung on ropes. About every ten minutes the Ringmaster would put a plug in for some treat or item to buy and then all the kids would start bugging their parents to buy them something. Then came the AWESOME part, at halftime Olivia and I rode a elephant yes I rode an elephant cost me $16 but who knows when I would get the chance again. Even though it was ghetto we had a good time and Olivia loved it and it was free! So for those of you who missed out on this awesome expierance, (which is all of you because trust me I would have seen you there) here are a few pics

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  1. You look like an ant compared to the elephant. I am so bummed that we missed the amazing circus.