Sunday, May 24, 2009

Teagan is 4 months!!!!!

I am the worst blogger EVER!!!

Well Teagan is now 4 months and is so grown up he laughs all the time and is sooooo happy!! I know Olivia was a pretty good baby but I think Teagan takes the cake he never fusses unless he needs something. He has started on cereal and LOVES it, he is so cute when he sees it coming he opens his mouth like a little bird and coos. Heres some random pics I took this month, and a video I took, Olivia is always in Teagans face and I guess Teagan had enough because when she started growling at him he started yelling back it was so funny I only caught the last couple of seconds because I could not find my camera in time but those two went at it at least 3 minutes straight ENJOY!!


  1. AH! He's so big!! I love the pic with his hands behind his head...chillin'.

  2. Hey Melissa! Finally got to your blog- sorry! Anyway, just wanted to say how adorable your family is (baby puke and all). We will miss being able to see you guys as often. Keep in touch!