Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fun with Nature

So I have been trying really hard to do more crafts with Olivia she is a very busy person and when not directed can get into some serious trouble. So I have been trying to come up with some ideas to do with her that will take up some of the long hours of the day. So I found this really cool blog that has tons of ideas one of which was this leaf wreath. So Olivia and I and her easter basket headed out on a leaf hunt, I was not sure how this would go or if we would even find any leaves worth using since all the ones in our yard are now dried up and crumbly. But after walking about 3 blocks we were able to fill her basket with wreath worthy leaves next we picked some berries off one of our bushes and we were set. I found a sturdy paper plate cut the middle out and we started gluing only to find out Elmers did not work grrrr so we broke out the the big guns......... well gun. (how I do love my glue gun) after we glued as much on as Olivia wanted she added her berries picked out a bow and WALLLAAAHH just look and our masterpeice we had alot of fun doing this and it was nice to get out and go for a walk too. And now we have a nice wreath to go on the front door and Olivia is thrilled everytime she sees it out there. Today she was yelling at people walking/running by to come look at it. So if you happen to be passing my house and see a four year old yelling stuff at you chances are she wants you to come see her masterpeice.

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