Thursday, September 1, 2011

That dang lump in my throat!!

Today Olivia started kindergarten. For weeks people have been asking if I thought I would cry. I immediately responded "HECK NO"!! Olivia was ready for kindergarten a year ago, we were beyond excited and ready. September 1st could not come fast enough for Olivia and me. Not because I wanted to get rid of her but because I knew she would love it.
Well this morning I got the knot in my stomach and a familiar lump in my throat, was I seriously about to cry? I had not even dropped her off yet. Oh crap I was doomed. I pushed it aside and continued to get Olivia ready. Then I took the picture above and about lost it again! She looked so grown up, in a flash the last 5 years flew through my head. When did my baby girl grow up into such a beautiful little lady? I tried to convince her to change her outfit into something..... I don't know more little girlish. No way!! She would not have it. So for the next few minutes I sat and watched her look in the mirror as she smoothed her skirt, adjusted her headband and smiled at her self. (she is very girly and going through a vain stage)
Then a quick picture of the 2 of us and it was off to school. She forced Teagan in a pic, he wasn't to thrilled hahaha

Outside her classroom, here I could see her getting a little nervous. And I was fighting like crazy to hold back that stupid lump in my throat that I knew would bring on the waterworks.
I quickly herded her into her classroom, her teacher was quick to give her a hug and welcome her. So I gave her a kiss told her I loved her and to have fun and got the heck out of there hoping I would not run into anyone I knew because I knew if I spoke the tears would flow. I managed to make it home without any tears. But I get close, even now thinking about how grown up she had gotten makes me want to bawl blah LAME!!! So now I realize moms don't cry because there kid is going to school they cry because there baby is all grown up DUH!! But I am so excited for her, she came home bursting with excitement telling me every detail. and as you can see Micah is really happy for her too.


  1. Oh Melissa, I love this! She looks so grown up in that first picture!

  2. Aww! She really is growing up! You sure have adorable kids.