Wednesday, March 7, 2012

That little boy of mine.

Teagan turned 3 in January and with it became a "true boy". When I say true boy I mean the boy who teases his siblings, loves trucks and trains more than anything, picks his nose and thinks farts are hilarious that kind of boy, all while being absolutely adorable. Lately Teagan has made it a point to tell us all when he farts "I farted...". Tonight we were sitting in the living room playing when I hear Teagan "pffffft" (with his mouth) and then very loudly "I my mouth" followed by insane giggling it was all Adam and I could do not to bust out laughing I love this little man so much! Not sure how to handle all this boy stuff after being used to my super girly girl Olivia. But the boys are kinda outnumbering the girls right now so bring on the oxygen masks! :)

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  1. Haha that is too funny. I can't believe he's 3, what happened to the time?! Crazy! I'm biased at the moment too, but I have to say...I love boys, they're the best! :)