Friday, March 16, 2012

10 months today and showing off

My baby is 10 months today! CRAZY!!
And to celebrate his 10 month mark he has decided to WALK!!
He has been playing around with walking for the last few weeks ,
taking one or two steps and then dropping and going back to crawling but this morning he decided to take it a few steps more and tonight this is what we got. (Sorry I know this video is sideways but I can't figure out how to flip the dang thing.) I think we owe this all to his cousin Evangeline in Georgia he saw a video of her walking and decided he could not be showed up by a girl ;)

pay no attention to the crazy girl at the end. I think she was just a little to excited.


  1. Holy crap! Yaaaay!! I'm glad Evangeline could give him the push he needed. I MISS YOU GUYS. Call me :)

  2. He is too cute!!! We miss you guys! I so love the last part with Olivia in the end. Totally makes me laugh every time.
    And my little Zekey guy is just crawling and cruising. LOL