Monday, May 20, 2013

Soccer 2013

Well I am back, for now. I have a REALLY hard time getting myself to sit down and blog.
I feel like my life is getting busier and busier I am literally becoming a "soccer mom"

Olivia played soccer last season but was not really that into it. It was more of a free for all, no structure, no goalie or other positions assigned and of course that one Hispanic kid who you know his family lives for the game so he was AMAZING. So naturally the coach was like sure hog the ball all 4 QUARTERS!
( Just so you don't think I am totally a beast, most of the moms on the team were as frustrated as me).
So hoping this year would be better I talked Olivia into trying it out one more year.

Well this was the year, an all girl team that had actual practices with drills and everything. Olivia soaked it in. She LOVED it! See Olivia is very much into structure and rules so when they apply she excels.
She is quite the little hustler and when she played forward she gave it her all chasing the ball back and forth until she was ready to drop. However her favorite positions were defender, when asked why her response, I get to rest when the ball is on the other side of the field. Haha (All Adam and I could do to hold a straight face)
And goalie she never gave a straight answer but I am almost positive it had to do with resting and she loves to dive to stop the ball.

Olivia is always amazing me at how well she picks up on things and seems to be good at whatever she does. She must take after Adam because this mama was never a athlete I was always the awkward string bean just trying to survive.

That's Olivia kicking the ball

Throwing in ball as goalie

That's Olivia in the center

Throwing in ball as goalie

Waiting for the ball playing goalie

Olivia and her team 2013

I am so proud of my beautiful little monkey and am loving watching her grow and develop her talents.

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